Winter Bucket List


T H E  L O W - D O W N (5)

I love Winter.

I’m much more of an opaque tights and jumper dress kind of girl than t-shirt and bikinis (small shudder!), I even buy those amazing fleece lined tights, paired with a comfortable dress and I’m basically in my pjs on the school run but look put together!

I don’t just love Winter for the abundant opportunities to wear head to toe black and big scarves, now I have a family the season has taken on renewed meaning. Christmas may only be really one day but the real fun is in the build up; seeing the first tree, first lights. I’ve always been a bit dippy about snow but seeing the girl’s reaction to it is even better. Everything sparkles, even on the most dreary day – from all things Christmasy to simple shop lights in the darker evenings.

With so much to see and do this year I’ve put together a Winter Bucket List:

  • We are so lucky to live in York, any time of year, but the city takes on a beautiful ‘Dickensian’ feel when the nights close in and we start creeping towards Christmas. I love mooching through the old streets, there are some amazing shops and it’s like a big adventure for the girls.
YORK, UK - MARCH 30: The Shambles is a former butchers' street i

The Shambles, York

  • Speaking of shopping I’m going to try and buy most of our Christmas presents from actual shops this year, exchanging real money and dealing with real people. I have been guilty in recent years of getting a bit too busy, buying things quickly online, realising some things aren’t even quite right once they have arrived but not having the time to return them and then feeling bad about the whole thing! This year I’m going to do myself, and the local economy a favour and put some leg work into it. We have some lovely independent shops, not to mention all the usual chains, so I really am spoilt for choice and can make better decisions!
  • I am super excited to have booked tickets for the girls to meet Santa himself at Castle Howard, near York. I am excited for two reasons; Firstly, I have been trying to get tickets for the last two years – they all get booked up in October and I am not that organised!! I got a tip off this year in the playground and ran home to book online, there were only 5 places left so it feels like a total victory in my mummy world! Secondly, the girl’s have met Santa before but this is a bit on the special side (they receive an invitation and meet Santa in front of a roaring fire with elves and songs, the whole thing lasts about 40mins). My eldest is 7 and I wonder how long this particular magic will last, this year feels special.
  • We spent last Christmas in Tenerife visiting my parents, which was amazing as we got to spend Christmas Day on the beach! And see my parents obviously…

beach picture

As we are nowhere near a sunny beach this year I want to embrace all things wintery, starting off with York Designer Outlet’s Winter Wonderland, I’ve been wanting to try the ice skating for  couple of years, now our youngest is old enough to join us on the ice I think it’s time to give it a go – In my head I really do believe I will somehow be able to actually ice skate!!

  • I will be attending a Carol remembrance service at York Minster on Sunday 7th December held every year by the Lullaby Trust to remember the lives of babies and young children who have been lost. Christmas is such a magical time with my children, there is so much happiness in my life but sometimes I need to take some time to think of Louis and to be with him in the only way I can.

York Minster Prayer Candles

  • My husband has quite large family and it has become tradition to go to a Boxing Day Pantomime en mass. I didn’t really know what to make of so much united enthusiasm to begin with but now I totally get it and it has become one of my favourite treats. This year we’ll be seeing Old Mother Goose at the York Theatre Royal, I know the girls will love it as much as we do!
  • York is a city of chocolate lovers! I have promised to take my eldest to the amazing Cocoa House to make our own truffles – the idea being that we will package them as amazing Christmas presents, the reality is that we will eat them all. Hopefully we will remember the recipe!!

What does Winter have in store for you this year?



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