York Cocoa House


I’m a bit of a chocoholic. I don’t mind admitting it…it’s no secret. Everyone who knows me would say its stating the absolutely obvious anyway!

I’ve heard so many good things about York Cocoa House (as in wall-to-wall chocolate heaven) that I decided it was time I organised a long overdue visit.

The Cocoa House is a cafe which describes itself as ‘a home for true chocolate lovers to come and smell, see, taste and enjoy chocolate with all of the senses’. They hold chocolate workshops (I’m very tempted by the truffle making), birthday parties, events and a chocolate library.

My lovely friend Kelly had taken her daughter to do their famous chocolate lolly making and gave it a rave review. Armed with that glowing endorsement, I decided to take our youngest along to do just that last Friday. There was no need to book though you can online (advisable if you go on a busy Saturday – no one wants to promise chocolate lollipops and then have to wait!).

The Cocoa House is a bit of an assault on the senses for a chocolate lover – there is an extensive menu. From the amazing array of cakes and afternoon tea options, to the slightly more bizarre (chocolate chilli anyone? Amazing apparently!).

I went for the luxury (frankly quite large) hot chocolate with a generous helping of real cream – mental I know, but when in Rome…!

The lolly making is all done at your table on a tray. I’ll admit to being a bit nervous – Poppy is nearly two and a half and she has the fine motor skills to match her age. When they put the pot of melted chocolate down in front of her I braced myself for the worst. I was pleasantly surprised when she allowed me to tip it out onto the tray mould for her. Of course she dived right in to check for any left overs:

Poppy chocolate pot

Complimentary wet wipes are provided!


Once the chocolate was on the tray we then proceeded to decorate it with our chosen sprinkles – we had mini marshmallows, white chocolate buttons, crunchy sprinkles and smarties!

The finished lolly is then whisked away to cool down, leaving me with plenty of time to enjoy my hot chocolate (while Poppy covered me in stickers).

After 20 minutes Poppy was more than ready to tuck into her rather impressive chocolate lolly, which was so big that Daddy even got to try some when we got home!

Poppy with lolly

Now, the only problem was that on telling our eldest all about our chocolatey day after school, I realised how unfair it was for her to miss out!

So the following morning I found myself in front of yet another hot chocolate (how awful!) watching Amelia make her chocolate lolly!

Amelia making lolly

While our lolly was chilling we decided to treat ourselves to a piece of Rocky Road which was delicious!

Deciding that we probably shouldn’t tuck straight into the lolly we took advantage of the gift wrap available so we could show off our efforts at home!

Finished lolly

Made by Amelia and Mummy!


I can wholeheartedly recommend York Cocoa House – yes you probably do have to love the sweet stuff to fully appreciate the experience (though I did spot some tea and coffee available too!). This is proper chocolate, from milk to moderately dark to utterly and completely dark (which can be sweetened with agave for those avoiding refined sugar).

After two visits in two days, I’m now back on the green tea but it was totally worth it!


P.s  These views are completely my own – York Cocoa House did not compensate me in any way.


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