Finding Joy – Clear The Clutter


Clear the clutter

I gave myself January off, I needed to re-group, clear my head and allow for some family new year decisions to come first.

Is anyone else alarmed at how quickly January 2015 went?

I can hardly believe it’s February already but I am more than ready to make a start on my Happiness Inspired Project of finding joy in 2015.

February – Clear the Clutter.

The theory goes, clear house = a clear mind. Is it possible that a clear and clutter free mind is a happier mind?

My plan for February consists of:

  • Give away or sell the last of the baby things.
  • Clear paperwork (basically take control of my important documents draw).
  • Sort and clear my wardrobe (figuring out in the process why I have nothing to wear when it’s so packed full!).
  • Create a clear and welcoming home environment for my family.

Where to start?

I decided to go with a combination of the two areas that bring me the most stress -

  • My overflowing important documents draw.
  • The girls’s toy tubs which I strongly suspect are filled with 80% broken/unused/unwanted/unsuitable tat. thus clearing a lot of those baby things.

I enlisted the help of my (obviously) enthusiastic family and set about making a total mess of our living room.

mess picture

Things were going to get worse before they got better!

It was perhaps a rather silly idea to do this on a weekend – we created piles for charity, the girls created piles of long forgotten ‘treasure’, they clung to broken bits of plastic and old games like they were their most precious belongings. In the end we quickly scurried way what we could and let them rummage in peace (we know when we’re beaten!).

poppy mess picture

My little ‘helper’!!

My mission to ‘clear the clutter’ turned into an all day event. It doesn’t sound like the most exciting or child friendly day but something quite remarkable happened. My girls, who usually really dislike being cooped up all day at home began to play together (rather than argue!) – they were so happy and quiet an entire afternoon literally passed by (the most productive afternoon in our family history!). My eldest discovered her old Thomas engines and track and built it all for her little sister, they played for hours.

 poppy train set

While they played we made progress.

My important documents draw turned out to be 88% unimportant c*@p – no fewer than 9 out of date No7 vouchers!

We confirmed what we already suspected – that the girls were only playing with the toys at the top of their toy tubs. Yes, there were some long forgotten treasures at the bottom but it was mainly broken or unwanted tat.

messy boxes

Tubs make great storage – just don’t fill them to bursting!!

So, has ‘clearing the clutter’ made any difference when it comes to finding joy?

I can’t honestly claim that I am now skipping around my lovely tidy, clutter free house a new woman – it’s still really not tidy. The process has made me aware though that completing a job that I had long put off did make a difference. I feel lighter for doing it. I have no doubt that expanding this theory to other areas in my life would have a similar effect – I do tend to put things off.

I also recognise that being more clutter free makes me happier – filing things away in my important documents draw no no longer stresses me out (and I can actually fit things in the draw!).

The girls continue to play with their re-found toys, quite often together. I think a regular clear out could be in order to remind them of what they actually have. Something we should all do perhaps.

I’ve still got a couple of projects to do this February – how are your new year resolutions going?



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