My name is Claire…

This is my family – my husband Steve and our daughters Amelia and Poppy.

Who I am…I am a 32 year old mum, wife, daughter, sister and friend. I help my husband run our advertising business. I dream silly big dreams. I love and am loved. I strive to be happy.

I write this blog because…I haven’t always been happy and I know what it’s like when life kicks you down. You feel alone. I don’t have all the answers but I’m making a concerted effort to leave some of sadness behind and build the future that I want.

I wish I had…the ability to not stress the small stuff. The ability to be more organised (just the phrase ‘time management’ freaks me out), the ability to do fancy things with my hair and keep a tidy house.

I wish I hadn’t…been so hard on myself, lost touch with good friends, dyed my hair bright pink when I was 15 (it didn’t suit me nor wash out).

Things I love…hot chocolate (with just a little bit of cream), snuggling with my girls, brief moments of time to write, heavy rain when I know I don’t have to go outside and spring sunshine.

Things I don’t love…feeling overwhelmed, mean people, I love to travel but I hate flying, baked beans and late buses.

I’m happiest when…my family are happy, when I think one of my big impossible dreams might not be so crazy, when I’m writing. When I feel like I’m getting somewhere.

You can email me at joyandpops@gmail.com